Sunday, December 14, 2014

Genius Dual Speedlight Mount

Photo #1 ©Tommy Huynh
Check this out: Tommy Huynh from San Antonio, Texas, is a genius. He created a simple and versatile dual flash mounting set-up (Photo #1) using readily available bits from your local camera store. Click here for a parts list a details on how you can assemble one of these things for yourself.

This adaptation has the versatility of axial rotation of the mounted flashes because each is mounted in its own ball head. This adds to the cost, but allows flexibility in the orientation of the flash sensor eye if used in the SU-4 or optically triggered remote mode. This would obviously become academic if a radio controller/remote system is employed.

Photo #2
My own solution (Photo #2), while cheaper, requires some small use of power tools to cut and drill the aluminum channel stock needed to construct the unit. In its current form, my unit works best with some form of line-of-sight communication between flash and camera. Its 90 degree orientation allows for two Nikon SB-800s to have their sensor eyes facing forward into an umbrella, allowing it to "catch" any light signals from the camera. It's also much cheaper. However, it doesn't allow for on-axis alignment with the umbrella, which may (or may not) be a problem. Remember that nearly all umbrella brackets angle the umbrella shaft upwards so that the flash beams and the center of the umbrella converge at the center. 

Depending on how  handy you are, either of these solutions can be made to work. I just thought that Mr. Huynh's solution was brilliant!