Sunday, May 17, 2015

Velcro Back to Back

Photo #1

I found something that should be of interest to anybody who has had to wrestle cables and extension cords as part of their daily pursuits. For me, keeping 50’ electrical extension cords neatly coiled is one of those minor annoyances. I had tried to solve the problem with ball bungees, but they tend to weaken when kept under the constant tension. A less expensive alternative was found in cloth-backed Velcro strips. I simple cut a 3” strip of the hook portion and one of the pile (fuzz). In use, I attached the two strips together, hook to pile, to a finished length between 4” and 7”, depending on how much the two pieces overlap.

I found a better solution at JoAnne’s, a fabric and craft store chain. In the Velcro section, I found rolls of fabric-backed Velcro strip that has hooks on one side, and pile on the other (Photo #1). In use, I found the length wasn’t critical, since the strip could just attach to itself anywhere along itself. For now, I’ll attach a “stitch” (small piece) of Gaffer tape over the hook side at one end of the strip to make it easier to remove. You can see in Photo #2 that I pealed back the outlay so you could see the hook and the pile.

Photo #2
For now, I’m going to use this double-backed stuff for binding applications where the elasticity of a bungee cord isn’t necessary. I’ll keep a few in my camera bag, just in case.

This hasn't been a grand post, but this stuff may remove one tiny irritant from your daily cord-wrangling routine. I know it will from mine.

For those who can't get to a JoAnne's, or prefer to order on line, I found it available here.